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You may think that cats are very aloof, independent and likely untrainable to do some tricks, but think again.  With the proper training habits and system, you will engage them in every fun activity you may like especially during playtime.

Playing with Your Cats
Playing with Your Cats

Kittens love to play as well as adult cats. But they want you to interact with them during playtime. 

There are four games they love to play. 

wrestling with their co-felines or a toy;
scooping fish in the floor or any toy will do;
bird swat, and;
prey pouncing.

You do not have to worry if your kittens wrestle with each other. It is definitely normal in their behavior and they are not likely to hurt each other.  You can join the fun but see to it that you wear protective gloves.

Scooping a fish literally means finding an object on the floor.  They will scoop it over their shoulders, turn it up side down and pounce it.  Similarly, in prey pouncing, they would use an imaginary prey or you can make a toy for this game, and they will run and try to catch it.  When they do, they pounce on it.  Usually, it is their mother cat’s tail or your shoe or even another kitten.

Cats love to reach for dangling objects and toys.  When they are successful in getting it, they smash it with one paw and finish off the prey.  This is the bird swat game.

The difference in these games is that they are best with people’s interaction.  Oftentimes, cat’s toys are free and you can readily make them but again, PARTICIPATION in the games is crucial.

Like in scooping a fish game, you can make your cat a toy with a feather string and a stick.  You can enjoy watching your cat as he leaps for it.  Once in a while let him get the thing so that he will not be easily bored.

Another good toy for cats is the classic crumpled paper.  You can use it like a ball.  Hide it behind your back, show it to your cat, and throw it.  See how amazingly he will chase and tear it into pieces.  Another handmade toy you can make for him is to cut up fuzzy pipe cleaner or make it into a ball and enjoy the same reaction from him as he chases and pounces on it it.

A popular toy that cats also enjoy is the grocery paper bag. You can do a lot of tricks to the bag and see how it can be fun.

Playing with your cats can be a totally hilarious and exciting experience.
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